20 June 2023

9:45 – 10:00 COFFEE TALKS




10:00 – 11:00 Mixed-use - the future of the industry or a minor trend?

Mixed-use projects are taking the Polish real estate market by storm. Warsaw Breweries, The Norblin Factory, Monopolis in Łódź, Fuzja and Olivia Centre in the Tri-City – all of them seem to be instant hits. They are full of people, become trendy – and arouse emotions.

- Is it reasonable to develop such projects even when the legal status of the plot does not require it? 
- Is the mix of housing with food outlets, offices, retail and entertainment the future of the real estate market?
- Is this the end of single-use behemoths and will we see more such developments?
- Who are the residents of mixed-use developments? Ownership vs. tenancy. The standard of housing.


Tomasz Bojęć, managing partner, ThinkCo


Patryk Bolimowski, R&D manager, System 3E

Elżbieta Rotblum, sustainability expert, Skanska

Jerzy Wójcik, CEO, JW+A

Tomasz P. Matusiak, development director, Revive Poland




11:05 – 11:50 The investment market: is optimism alone enough?

In 2022, the value of transactions on the Polish investment market surpassed that of 2021. There was an air of optimism, but at the same time the macro conditions were anything but encouraging: the war in Ukraine, rising inflation and a looming global economic downturn. Is it then possible to look to 2023 with optimism? What has happened in the first few months of this year? Which real estate sectors are attracting the most interest?

- What will be the investment highlights of 2023?
- What deters and what attracts investors to Poland?
- Will Poland remain the most attractive market in the CEE region?


Tomasz Szpyt, editor-in-chief, Property Insider


Krzysztof Cipiur, managing partner, director Capital Markets, Knight Frank

Piotr Fijołek, senior partner, Griffin Capital Partners

Marcin Kocerba, partner, Capital Markets, Cushman & Wakefield

Jarosław Wnuk, managing director in Poland, ACCOLADE

11:50 – 12:00 Investment Real Estate market - are all types of properties suffering from the current stagnation?

The questionable start to 2023 of the real estate investment market is the result of the covid period, the war in Ukraine and the developing global recession. In what time frame will we have to deal with the aftermath of past events, and will all segments of the real estate market be equally affected? What types of real estate should be considered from an investor's perspective at this time?

Prelegent: Michał Zalewski, manager, Financial Advisory Services, Accace

12:00 – 12:25 Let’s look to the future: offices and work in 10+ years...   

Prelegent: Wojtek Ławniczak, CEO, Very Human Services


12:25 – 12:40 BRUNCH


12:40 – 13:30 No more building, time for retrofitting?

Will the market for retrofitting commercial buildings that are more than a decade old become the darling of construction companies? Or will developers themselves become interested in it? What is in store for properties that are now only 15, 20 years old but are already obsolete?

- Will the implementation of ESG strategies speed up changes in the retrofitting of buildings?
- Can attractively located properties become market hits again after retrofitting?
- Why are relatively new buildings being razed to the ground?
- How long should commercial properties live on?


Radosław Górecki, communications director, Marketing & Communications, 7R


Łukasz Ciesielski, managing director, Strabag Real Estate

Jadwiga Kosińska, project director, Stocznia Cesarska Development

Krzysztof Sobolewski, president of the board, Stocznia Centrum Gdańsk

Anna Thomas, managing director, TFG Asset Management

Jagoda Zdrojewska-Bochowicz, general business director, Deer Design


13:30 – 13:40 Modular construction will accelerate the development of PRS in Poland

- At what rate can the private rented sector supported by modular construction grow?

- What opportunities does modular construction offer when facing the changing needs?

- What technologies used in modular construction will make the PRS sector sustainable?

Prelegent: Jacek Grzybowski, board member, Unihouse

13:40 – 14:35 Minefield ahead, or managing properties

Commercial property managers are facing unprecedented headwinds. Having only just emerged from the pandemic, they already have to grapple with inflation and unpredictable energy and labour costs. On top of this, there are growing environmental expectations of property users...

- How to handle property management these days?
- How to talk to tenants about increases?
- What are the most important risk factors in property management and how can they be minimised?
- Can new technologies aid property management and how?
- What is in store for the real estate industry in the near future and what will be the most important challenges for property managers to deal with?


Katarzyna Lubaś, solution manager, Office Sector, ISS Facility Services


Michał Bryszewski, head of Property & Asset Management, Savills

Maciej Kamiński, head of Property Management, Globalworth Poland

Agnieszka Krzekotowska, senior partner and board member, Real Estate Management Services, Colliers

Michał Pszkit, head of Property Management, BNP Paribas Real Estate Poland



14:35 – 15:15 Real estate cyber security. Is there anything to worry about?

Office buildings, shopping centres and housing estates increasingly have their own applications. They feature IoT solutions, while offices and homes can be accessed via smartphone. We can also book specific desks through such applications. The same goes for parking lots. The digitalisation of properties is making them more convenient and user-friendly. But a question arises: are all these solutions safe?

- Are property-specific applications safe?
- What threats await managers and tenants in fully digitised buildings?
- How to secure an office building, a parking lot or a flat against a possible cyberattack?


Renata Hartle, technology solutions director, Colliers

Piotr Ciosk, CEO, managing director, Keemple Polska

Marta Moksa, director, Olivia Centre - O4 Coworking

Grzegorz Opach, sales director CEE, spaceOS

Robert Orlewski, chairman, Appartme | vicepresident S-Labs

Zbigniew Zasieczny, board member, Transition Technologies Advanced Solutions

15:15 LUNCH

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