19 JUNE 2023




9:50 – 10:00 Welcome

10:00 – 10:30 The inflation express in Europe and Poland – when will it pull into the depot? 

Inflation, both in Poland and the Eurozone, remains at levels not seen for decades. There are as many opinions as there are analysts – some say that it should fall to levels considered harmless and acceptable within two years, while others claim that the double-digit figures are here to stay for years to come. Which scenario should our economy prepare for and what long-term effects can it have on the domestic real estate market?


prof. Przemysław Litwiniuk, Member of the Monetary Policy Council, NBP


10:30 – 11:30 Developers: pushy suitors or real city creators?

Cooperation between city authorities and development companies rarely runs smoothly. We usually hear one side make accusations of greed and disregard for the interests of others, while the other side decries tardiness and lack of goodwill. However, since Polish cities are not building on their own in the 21st century, are developers really their sole builders, executors, when it comes to the housing fabric?

- What is the impact of the development sector on the city's economy?
- Is it possible to develop a model of partnership, instead of one based on claims and orders?
- What else can developers voluntarily contribute to the urban fabric of large Polish agglomerations?


prof. Agata Twardoch, Department of Urban and Spatial Planning, Silesian University of Technology


Jacek Karnowski, Mayor of the City of Sopot

Grzegorz Kiełpsz, president of the management board, The Polish Association of Developers (PZFD)

Jerzy Łużniak, President of Jelenia Góra

Adam Pustelnik, First Deputy Mayor of the City of Łódź


11:30 – 11:50 COFFEE BREAK


11:50 – 12:50 Commerce, leisure and work in the post-pandemic era

The pandemic has turned our lives upside down. The commercial real estate market faced the spectre of complete re-evaluation. Many experts predicted the demise of traditional food establishments, shopping centres, hotels and offices. Most of our activities were supposed to move online and stay there. Only the warehouse market was expected to gain. What remains of these predictions?

- What is the situation of individual real estate sectors after the pandemic?
- Has the death of offices, shopping centres and hotels been announced prematurely?
- Has real estate forever lost its reputation as an investment safe haven?
- Which sector: hotels, offices or shopping centres needs to work the hardest to become an important link in the economy again?
- Is the real estate market ready and will it be ready for the next pandemic?


Agata Czarnecka, director, head of Research & Consultancy, CBRE


Agnieszka Ciupak, executive director, GTC

Krzysztof Elsner, board member, director of Retail Development and Asset Management, Napollo

Grzegorz Kaleta, director, head of Hotels Property Management Poland, CBRE

Anna Malcharek, vicepresident of the board PRCH | managing director Gemini Holding

Piotr Szafarz, partner, head of real estate department in Poland & CEE, Dentons


12:50 – 13:00 Can you also apply accounting depreciation of your investment property?

- When can you consider applying a cost model for investment property in the financial reporting?

- What is the process of selection or subsequent change of the accounting approach and what are potential tax implications?

- During our presentation we will showcase examples of the current market practice as well as the results of the decisions made.


Hubert Rogoziński, Partner in EY’s CFO Consulting

Michał Sawicki - EY, Partner, Business Tax Advisory

13:00 – 14:00 The warehouse market: a falling star or still stelar?

The warehouse market has been one of the hottest commercial real estate sectors in recent years. It has set all-time records for demand, supply and, more recently, records related to the investment market. The time of the pandemic and the rise of e-commerce have strengthened the position of warehouses on the real estate treasure map. But problems have appeared here as well: inflation, war and the spectre of the economic crisis have caused a sudden downturn.

- Are warehouses still a real estate hit?
- How much have demand and supply slowed down? What does it mean for the future of the sector?
- Are warehouses still a good investment product?
- Will the return to growth be as fast as the downturn?

Anna Głowacz, head of Industrial, Leasing Agency AXI IMMO 


Michał Białas, chief business development officer, członek zarządu 7R

Magdalena Górska-Wojtas, business development manager, GLP

Bartłomiej Hofman, managing director P3, Polska

Maciej Madejak, founder, chief development officer, MDC2

14:00 – 14:40 LUNCH

14:40 - 15:20 A serious talk about greenwashing 

ESG is the talk of the entire real estate industry. No developer today is failing to invest in carbon reduction strategies. Everyone is green and socially responsible... But is it all a sham? The Office of Competition and Consumer Protection (UOKiK) has already started investigations into possible cases of greenwashing in Poland. The office is bypassing the real estate industry for now, but for how long?

- What is greenwashing?
- Does the real estate industry engage in greenwashing?
- Can the use of greenwashing be considered as unfair competition?
- How to talk about ESG, ecology and social responsibility without being accused of greenwashing?


Paweł Wołejsza, architect, board member,  Ogólnopolskie Stowarzyszenie Budownictwa Naturalnego


Katarzyna Chwalbińska-Kusek, head of ESG & Sustainability, Savills Poland

Marcin Gawroński, director of the Green Building Department, Sweco

Dominik Januszewski, head of Strategic Consulting, JLL

Małgorzata Krasnodębska-Tomkiel, partner, Hansberry Tomkiel

Jerzy Wójcik, CEO JW+A

15:20 – 15:30 Ecological industrial solutions by Hörmann. An answer to the challenges of our times

15:30 – 16:20 More expensive but more flexible, or perhaps cheaper but longer-lasting? 

The market for flexible offices, commonly known as flex, keeps growing by leaps and bounds. Will this trend continue? What will the future of this segment look like in Poland? How do we compare to the world? How is it that the pandemic has not killed this market? Or perhaps “traditional” office rental agreements will still form the backbone of the office market? What are the future scenarios for rental in Poland and what opportunities and risks do each of them entail?

- How are developers responding to the growth of the “flex” market?
- Will entire office buildings be built just for flex offices?
- Why are tenants willing to pay more for flex offices? And are they actually paying more?
- What does a traditional, long-term rental agreement give tenants?  What advantages does it have over a contract for “flex” space?


Krzysztof Kogut, editor-in-chief of “Obiekty” magazine


Monika Kaczmarczyk, managing director, Brain Embassy

Ewelina Kałużna, managing director Business Link & head of Strategic Workplace Solution Advisory in CEE, Skanska

Marcin Piątkowski, leasing director, Torus

Piotr Woźny, CEO, OmniOffice



16:30 – 17:30 The rental market 2030 – what does the future hold for rental and PRS?

(presentation of report findings and discussion panel)

The rental market in Poland is evolving rapidly. The effects of the war, the lower availability of credit and rising inflation have shown how essential the stability of this sector is to the functioning of the country. We will talk about the near future of the rental market and possible future scenarios – the wider context of housing policy, the role of PRS, the needs of tenants and the impact of technology.

- What are the future scenarios for rental in Poland and what opportunities and threats does each of them entail?

- What role will PRS and investment funds play in the development of the rental market?

- Where is legislation heading and where should it be heading?

- What rental models can we see in other European countries and which path should be followed?


Przemysław Chimczak-Bratkowski, managing partner, ThinkCo


Wojciech Caruk, chairman of the board, PFR Nieruchomości

Piotr Pajda, co-founder, Simpl.Rent

Ewa Tęczak, real estate expert, Otodom

21:00 – 01:00 BANQUET in White Marlin (al. Wojska Polskiego 1)

* topics and times of individual panels and lectures may change, version 02.06.2023